New Renegade Box - Limited Time!, 2013 Feb 19Edit

For a Limited Time only the New Renegade Mystery Box will be avilable[sic] within the shop! For 10 Platinum comes the chance to win a Renegade Crate, but that's not all! Other great items are available within including Berserkers, 8x XP Boosts, Accelerators and more!

Stock up today before this box leaves the store!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Renegade Crate Sale - 25% OFF!, 2013 Mar 23 (24) (3d); Apr 28 11:00 (1d); Jun 11 13:00 (2d)Edit

Renegade Crates are now on Sale for an all time low of 349 Platinum!

Make sure to check the featured tab of the shop and pick yours up before it's too late! This discount is only be available for a LIMITED TIME, so stock up today.

—Edgeworld, Mail

Renegade Crate Sale - 50% OFF!, 2013 Jul 20–22 23:59; 2013 Aug 27 9:00 (1d); Sep 15 9:00 (1d); Sep 30 9:00 (1d); Oct 20 0:00 (1d9h)Edit

Renegade Crates are now on Sale for an ALL-TIME LOW PRICE of 249 Platinum!

Make sure to check the featured tab of the shop and pick yours up before it's too late! This discount is only be available for a LIMITED TIME, so stock up today.

—Edgeworld, Mail

Renegade Crate BOGO!, 2013 Aug 5Edit

For a limited time only, you will receive one FREE Renegade Crate for each one that you purchase! Players can receive up to 20 FREE Renegade Crates in this way during this promotion.

This great deal will end at 11:59pm PST on August 6th, so be sure to stock up on Renegade Crates today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Improvements to Boxes and Crates!, 2013 Aug 29Edit

Greetings Commander,

We have made some updates to the Annihilator Crate and the Renegade Crate so now you can get even better prizes inside!

We’ve changed the contents of the Builders Box[sic] to include Vermillion Cores, Ruby Cores and 8 Hour Accelerators! We’ve also added 50% Training Accelerators to the Training Box and added Incineraptors and SCC Mystery Boxes to the Salvage Box! Plus the Mystery Carrier now contains better and bigger troops!

We’ve also replaced the 3 Pulse Carriers in the Annihilator Crate with 3 50K Force Boxes. These boxes contain troops that will grant a MINIMUM of 50,000 Force Points, and could contain troops worth 100,000 or 250,000 Force Points! AND we’re including a Ruby Core and 5 Meteoric Mystery Boxes in the Crate as well!

Be sure to check out the shop and pick up a new and improved Crates today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Win Level 17 E-Lab Parts!!, 2013 Oct 9 0:00 (1d9h)Edit

Greetings Commander,

A strange Spacecraft called the Hubble crashed into Cerulea and it was carrying some serious Artillery! We have recovered Vermillion Parts from the wreckage and now you can win them in the Hubble Rubble Mystery Box!

For only 2 Platinum you can win a Level 17 Vermillion Armor, a Level 17 Vermillion Fireproof Shield, a Level 17 Vermillion Advanced Targeting or the NEW Level 17 Vermillion Blast Shield!

Other prizes include: Hacker’s Patches, Accelerators, Deconstructors, Software Backups, Zoot Tokens, XP Boosts and Troops!

The Hubble doesn’t crash into Cerulea every day - don’t miss this opportunity to steal a MAXED-OUT Vermillion Smart Part!

BONUS: The 3 players who purchase the most Hubble Rubble Mystery Boxes between now and 11:59pm PDT on October 9th, 2013 will receive a FREE Decimation Crate to dominate their opponents! Prize will be paid out on October 10th, 2013.

—Edgeworld, Mail

Platinum Deal Day!, 2013 Oct 10 0:00 (1d); Nov 4 0:00 (1d9h)Edit

Save some serious Platinum! - pick up the Renegade Crate for 50% OFF during Platinum Deal Day!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

Platinum Deal Day!, 2013 Nov 15 11:00 (1d); Nov 28 8:00 (1d); Dec 9 10:00 (1d); Dec 27 13:00 (1d)Edit

Renegade Crate

Smart Part Sellout!, 2013 Nov 18 9:30 (1d); Nov 28 (1d)Edit

Need Smart Parts? Check out the Daily Update and the Featured Tab for different deals featuring the following Smart Part Mystery Boxes:

Hubble Rubble Mystery Box
Triple Threat Mystery Box
Special Delivery Mystery Box

Keep checking back, we'll have different Smart Part Mystery Boxes and Sales for you throughout the day!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

Zoot's Clearance Crate is on Sale NOW!, 2013 Nov 20 10:30 (1d)Edit

Zoot's clearing his Shop to get ready for a NEW and IMPROVED Zoot's Loot! Now is your opportunity to Stock Up on Zoot's Tokens in preparation for his new GRAND OPENING!

Purchasing this Crate will guarantee you at least 10 Zoot's Tokens PLUS more valuable items - some Prizes are worth up to 225 Platinum ON TOP of your initial purchase!

Here's a Sneak Preview:

15x Generals SP
10x Troop Cores
2x Tokens

Good Luck!

—Edgeworld, Mail


Zoot's Token Sale!, 2013 May 12Edit


For the first time this year, Zoot's Tokens will be on Sale for a Limited Time! Make sure to visit the featured tab of the shop and stock up today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Platinum Deal Day!, 2013 Oct 1Edit


Zoot Tokens will be on sale for only 3 Platinum for a limited time only! Check out the featured tab and try your luck today!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

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