Zoot's Enigma (Platinum 5 3)

General informationEdit

Open the Box for 1 GUARANTEED Zoot Token!

Other Possible Prizes include 5 Zoot Tokens, 10 Zoot Tokens,
Quadforce Crates, Lethal Force Mystery Boxes or Incineraptor Swarms!


Zoot's BACK! Zoot's Loot Riot!, 2014 May 13 10:00 (1d2h)Edit


Greetings Commander,

It appears I have escaped the Rebellions' clutches once again. Cerulea will celebrate my new-found freedom with a Zoot's Loot Riot!

Check out Zoot's Loot for some amazing prizes! Quadforce Crates, X-Factor Crates, Rebellion Crates, Incineration Crates, Incineraptor Swarms, Ruby Parts, Force Boxes, and MORE have been added to Zoot's Loot for a VERY limited time!

Also, get your hands on my newest Box, Zoot's Enigma! Unlock the Enigma to win 1, 5 or 10 Zoot Tokens, Lethal Force Boxes, Incineraptor Swarms OR Quadforce Crates! Priced at only 3 Platinum, this Black Market Deal is a steal!


—Edgeworld, Mail

NEW: Zoot's Enigma!, 2014 May 22 9:00 (1d); Jun 4 9:00 (1d)=Edit

Greetings Commander,

Just in time for the Riot, Zoot's Enigma has been launched! This Box could contain any of the following items!

1, 5 or 10 Zoot Tokens
1x Quadforce Crate
20x Incineraptors
1, 2 or 5 Lethal Force Boxes

The Enigma will only be available for a limited time at just 3 Plat! Head to the Featured Tab and take advantage of the Riot!

--The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

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