Wild Fire Mystery Box (Platinum 20 15 9)

General informationEdit

Contains a chance to win the Vermillion Spread Fire (Level 1, 5, or 10)! Other Prizes include:

1x Cerulean Spread Fire (Level 10, 15 or 17)
1x Level 17 Vermillion Fireproof Shield
1x Incendiary Rack
2x Decryption Key
5x Decimators
1x 2.5 Hour Accelerator
2x 1 Hour Accelerator
5x Incineraptors
1x Generals SP 1000
1x Modder’s Patch
5x Berzerkers[sic]


Item Times Chance
5 Incineraptors 1 %
5 Berserkers 1 %
Modder's Patch %
Generals SP 1,000 %
2 1-Hour Accelerators %
2.5-Hour Accelerator %
2 Decryption Keys %
Incendiary Rack %
L10 Cerulean Spread Fire %
L15 Cerulean Spread Fire %
L17 Cerulean Spread Fire %
L17 Vermillion Fireproof Shield %
L1 Vermillion Spread Fire %
L5 Vermillion Spread Fire %
L10 Vermillion Spread Fire %
Total 2 100%


Spread the Pain with the Vermillion Spread Fire!, 2013 Oct 28 5:00 (1d); Nov 10 0:00 (1d9h)Edit

Looking to Spread some Destruction in the War for Cerulea? Eliminate your enemies with the Vermillion Spread Fire Smart Part!

This Smart Parts’ Dual Barrels Technology allows you to increase the number of Targets AND increase the Splash Radius of your attacks! A Level 17 Vermillion Spread Fire will attack up to 15 Targets AND increase the Splash Radius of your attacks by 225!

This box contains a chance to win a Level 1, Level 5 or Level 10 Vermillion Spread Fire Smart Part! Other prizes include Vermillion or Cerulean Smart Parts, Decryption Keys, Decimators, Accelerators, Incineraptors, Modder’s Patches, Generals SP 1000, and Berserkers!

Check the item description in the Store for full details!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

2013 Nov 22 10:00 (1d)Edit

Smart Part Sellout!, 2013 Dec 9 10:30 (1d)Edit

Need Smart Parts? Check out the Daily Update and the Featured Tab for different deals featuring the following Smart Part Mystery Boxes:

Wild Fire Mystery Box
Double Trouble Mystery Box
Vermillion Blasting Bundle - NEW!

Keep checking back, we'll have different Smart Part Mystery Boxes and Sales for you throughout the day!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

Platinum 10

Mystery Box Mania!!!, 2014 Jan 9 21:00 (1d)Edit

All day today we will be featuring Deep Discounts on Mystery Boxes!

Watch out for Sales appearing on the Daily Update and in the "Featured" tab of the Shop all day long!

Now is your chance to SAVE BIG on Edgeworld’s BEST Mystery Boxes! Pick one up now to unlock some INTERSTELLAR prizes!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

Platinum 10

2014 Jan 20 15:00 (1d)Edit

Platinum 10

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