Vermillion Variance Vault (Platinum 50 25 20)

General informationEdit

Contains 1 Random Vermillion Smart Part! (Level 1, 10, 15, or 18)

Vermillion Armor
Vermillion Spread Fire
Vermillion Advanced Targeting
Vermillion Ammo Delivery
Vermillion Blast Shield
Vermillion Sky Shroud
Vermillion Fireproof Shield
Vermillion Meteoric Shield
Vermillion Network Sabotage

With a chance to Win the Vermillion Cluster! All NINE Vermillion Smart Parts upgraded to Level 18!


Item Times Chance
L1 Vermillion Advanced Targeting 5 16%
L1 Vermillion Fireproof Shield 4 13%
L1 Vermillion Spread Fire 3 10%
L1 Vermillion Meteoric Shield 3 10%
L1 Vermillion Blast Shield 3 10%
L1 Vermillion Ammo Delivery 2 6%
L1 Vermillion Sky Shroud 2 6%
L1 Vermillion Armor 2 6%
L1 Vermillion Network Sabotage 1 3%
L10 Vermillion Sky Shroud 2 6%
L10 Vermillion Ammo Delivery 1 3%
L10 Vermillion Advanced Targeting 1 3%
L10 Vermillion Meteoric Shield 1 3%
L10 Vermillion Spread Fire 1 3%
Total 31 100%


Vermillion Variance Vault/2014#Promotions, Vermillion Variance Vault/2015#Promotions, Vermillion Variance Vault/2016#Promotions


Vermillion Variance Vault/2014#Sales, Vermillion Variance Vault/2015#Sales

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