I sent  these ideas to Kabam a while ago but they unfortunatley never responded.A tv show would be perfect for edgeworld make it a franchise it would appeal to sci fi fans, edgeworld fans, people who like lazers, weird looking wildlife, plants {im of course referring to the plants in the backround of the bases in the game mostly helio legion faction bases}and children.It could then make a few movies possibly and my other idea was reintroducing the ceruleans they disappeared without a trace and if they did disappear why are there raiders and specters are they just clones?We dont know because no one ever explains it and i know its just a facebook game that will be replaced soon like every other facebook game but this game has the potential to be a franchise in my opinion.My way of them reintroducing the ceruleans is they bring them back as an enemy map faction that attacks the map without warning and takes tiles and they have no lvl cap and gain 30 lvls a day, that would make the game far more challenging and it would give you an opportunity to gain cerulean cores if they introduced my idea of every cerulean map tile you take has a 1/200 chance of giving you a c core or i core.My final ideas were a version for the console ,and a mineral mining camp which would generate i cores d cores c cores and occasionally v cores it would generate 1 core a day but of course they wouldnt do that it would cut into their profits.Tell me your opinions on these ideas i submitted. I submitted them on 2/28/13

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