Unit Quantity Image
Battle Cruiser 1 Battlecruiser1
Battle Cruiser Squad 10 Battlecruiser10
Berserker 1 Berserker1
Berserker Platoon 20 Berserker20
Blast Bot 1 Blastdroid1
Blast Bot Squad 5 Blastdroid5
Blast Bot Patrol 20 Blastdroid20
Blast Bot Platoon 50 Blastdroid50
Blast Bot Division 100 Blastdroid100
Blast Bot Army 500 Blastdroid500
Bomba 1 Exploder1
Bomba Squad 25 Exploder25
Bomba Platoon 100 Exploder100
Chimera 1 Chimera1
Chimera Platoon 50 Chimera50
Decimator 1 Decimator1
Decimator Platoon 20 Decimator20
Decimator Carrier 80
Devastator 1 Devastator1
Devastator Platoon 50 Devastator50
Disruptor 1 Disruptor1
Disruptor Platoon 100 Disruptor100
Hornet 1 Hornet1
Hornet Platoon 100 Hornet100
Incineraptor 1 Spacedragon1
Incineraptor Swarm 20 Spacedragon20
Marine Carrier 3000 Marine3000
Pulse Frigate 1 Pulsetank1
Pulse Destroyer 4 Pulsetank4
Pulse Carrier 80 Pulsetank80
Pyro 1 Pyro1
Pyro Platoon 100 Pyro100
Raider 1 Raider1
Raider Platoon 100 Raider100
Rhino 1 Rhino1
Rhino Platoon 250 Rhino250
Sentinel 1 Sentinel1
Sentinel Squad 20 Sentinel20
Shrike 1 Shrike1
Shrike Platoon 100 Shrike100
Specter 1 Specter1
Specter Platoon 100 Specter100
Titan 1 Titan1
Titan Platoon 100 Titan100


Platoons are on SALE!, 2014 Sep 4 8:00 (1d3h)Edit

Greetings Commander,

For a limited time we are offering sales on Bomba Swarms, Pyro Swarms and Devastator Platoons. So hurry up and build up your Force in the current Tournament and pick up a few Platoons!

-Good Luck!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Platinum 25 5, Platinum 40 5, Platinum 45 5


[New Feature] - Multi Open Troop Bundles, 2015 Nov 4Edit

Greetings Commanders,

We have just launched a brand new feature for Edgeworld! Tired of manually opening troop bundles one at a time? You'll now be able to open troop bundles in quantities of 1, 50, or 'ALL', while receiving the full amount of force for doing so. This is sure to help out as you focus on dominating Edgeworld!

This new feature does not impact Force gained from training troops, and everyone is receiving the full amount of Force from training troops as it has been in the past.

Thanks to the community for providing suggestions about this long-awaited feature, and it'll make troop management a breeze! Don't delay; prepare your troops and wage war today!

-The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

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