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Top Token Crate (Platinum 20)

General informationEdit

Token 5.0s are here! Open this Crate to receive:

Armor Token 4.0 or 5.0
Piercing Ammo Token 4.0 or 5.0
Explosive Ammo Token 4.0 or 5.0
Guaranteed Token Mystery Box
Hax8 Accelerator
Hax15 Accelerator
Hacker's Patch
Top Troops!


Item Times Chance
Hacker's Patch 6 ·%
5 Berserkers 5 ·%
Incineraptor 3
Enhanced Token Crate 2 ·%
Zoot Token 1 ·%
Guaranteed Token Box ·%
15-Hour Accelerator ·%
Piercing Ammo Token 4.0 1 ·%
Piercing Ammo Token 5.0 ·%
Armor Token 4.0 ·%
Armor Token 5.0 ·%
Explosive Ammo Token 4.0 1 ·%
Explosive Ammo Token 5.0 1 ·%
Total 20 100%


Top Token Crate/2014#Promotions, Top Token Crate/2015#Promotions, Top Token Crate/2016#Promotions


Top Token Crate/2014#Sales, Top Token Crate/2015#Sales

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