Terraknor Control (Platinum 10 8)

General informationEdit

A cybernetic implant created by the ceruleans to control the Terraknor and use them in battle. Known to be found in Terraknor boxes.

Terraknor Control is used to train Terraknors. They could be won by Zoot's Loot and Terraknor Box. The Terraknor Boxes were no longer available as daily missions on Google+ nor Facebook, but were still offered on

The developers clumsily ran a find-and-replace for these two words in the game translations to Control Device after the Terraknors were eradicated, even in the historical messages, and other spellings and punctuations were not snagged.


Daily Treat!, 2011 Oct 27Edit

Daily Missions have arrived! These missions can be completed once each day, for bonus resources, XP, or items.

Your first mission is to get these Terraknor under control. They're tearing up the whole planet! Our scientists have created a huge number of Terraknor Boxes, and you can receive 8 Boxes for FREE each day!

All you have to do is log in and check your Daily Missions each day, now through Monday! (Oct 31) Celebrate Halloween with your own horde of Terraknor, and get ready to chow down on some bases!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Edgeworld December Events!, 2011 Dec 22Edit


Platinum Gifting Sweepstakes

Give Platinum for a chance to win Platinum! More info

Kabam Game Card Sweepstakes

Redeem Kabam Gift Cards to win accelerators and Control Devices! More info

Alliance Map Tournament!

Dominate the map or expand your territory to win! More info

12 Days of Twitter

Follow @EdgeworldGame on Twitter to win items through Jan.5! More info

Cerulean Winter

What strange holidays and traditions are your troops celebrating? Share your art and stories! More info

Rule the Sector: Omicron Canis Minorum, 2012 Mar 8Edit

Icon NewSector

A new Sector has opened on Cerulea IV, Omicron Canis Minorum. As Commanders race to dominate, new rewards await those who triumph!

At the end of the day on March 9, the galactic overseers will examine the state of the Omicron Canis Minorum Sector and reward the following:

Every Level 8 Building: 1 KIRA's Gift
Every level 9 Building: 2 KIRA's Gifts
Every level 10 Building: 3 KIRA's Gifts
Every level 11 Building: 4 KIRA's Gifts

The 5 Alliances with the highest Map Score: 1 Terraknor Control for every member
The 100 highest level Commanders: 1 Helio Salvage Crate

Race to rule this new Sector!

We had lots of winners in our last new Sector contest in Trifid Nebula, and this time it's even easier to upgrade: 10 million and 20 million Resource bundles are 50% off! Upgrade now!

—KIRA, Kabam Forum


Well done, Commander! Your Alliance is in control of the map, and your efforts have earned each member of your Alliance a Terraknor Control. Check your inventory for this item!


Terraknor Control Sale!, 2012 Oct 16Edit

With Halloween just around the corner, Terraknor Controls are now on Sale!

For the next 24 hours, these Controls can be had for only 5 Platinum! Make sure to check the "Featured" or "Combat" section of the shop to get yours and stock up today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

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