General informationEdit

Staging Areas house combat ready units. Upgrading the staging areas will increases how many units you can keep. These buildings can be used as defensive buildings.

Why is upgrading the Staging Area important?Edit

Upgrading the Staging Area will allow you to keep more troops. Having enough free storage area for troops is important. This will enable you to continue training troops which allows you to gain XP from the completed training and level up faster.

Upgrade a Staging Area to level 9 as early on the game as possible.

The Warp Gate and the Staging Area can be used to transfer troops between the main base and the Aurora-1 colony.

Why build fewer high Level Staging Areas, vs. many low Level Staging AreasEdit

The Staging Area takes up an enormous amount of space on your Bases that can be better used for other purposes. It is better to build fewer large Staging Areas instead of many smaller ones since doing so will take up much less space (and each Level higher holds almost twice as many Troops). This becomes particularly important as you get your HQs upgraded to Level 12. See Base Design: Complement for more info.

Note: Do not waste your time and Staging Area capacity by training for more than 25 days. By doing so, you will level up by only 250 levels no matter how many troops you train.

One exception to a 25-Day limit (but not the 250 Level Limit) is if you intend to use many (more than a dozen) 30% Training Accelerators, then it is advantageous to build for as long as possible (up to a base training time of 400 days).

The first few Training Accelerators you use will decrease your training time by an enormous amount whereas the last few will provide a 30% reduction of a small unit of time (IE: not much), so it is best to refrain from using any Training Accelerators when you have less than one week of time remaining.

With so many Troops available, at a reduced cost, it is painless (lower cost) to drop them on the Map (or Tournament Map) to obtain XP, FP, and Upgrade the Map Node for better defense. You still only get 250 Levels (unless there is a '1000-Day Build Event', then there is 1000 Level Limit) but it reduces the number of Training Accelerators you need to produce the same number of Troops. You also get XPs and FPs for dropping the Troops (but not much).


Size 110×110
Level Health Capacity Time Crystal Gas Cores
1 450 50 12s 50 50
2 500 100 1m 100 100
3 550 200 2m 200 200
4 600 600 10m 750 750
5 650 1,975 30m 5,000 5,000
6 700 5,725 2h 5,000 5,000
7 750 14,400 6h 5,000 5,000
8 800 30,000 8h 5,000 5,000
9 850 62,500 8h 5,000 5,000
10 900 125,000 8h 5,000 5,000 Ccore-icon
11 1,400 210,000 8h 5,000 5,000 Ccore-icon
12 1,900 400,000 8h 5,000 5,000 Ccore-icon
13 2,500 600,000 8h 5,000 5,000 Ccore-icon
14 2,500 1,000,000 8h 5,000 5,000 Ccore-icon
15 2,500 1,400,000 8h 5,000 5,000 VCoreIcon
16 2,750 1,800,000 15h 6,000 6,000 VCoreIcon
17 3,000 2,200,000 20h 7,000 7,000 Ruby Core Icon
18 3,300 2,600,000 1d1h 8,000 8,000 Ruby Core Icon
19 3,600 3,000,000 1d6h 9,000 9,000 Ruby Core Icon 2
20 7,200 3,400,000 1d11h 10,000 10,000 Ruby Core Icon 2
21 10,800 3,800,000 1d16h 11,000 11,000 Ruby Core Icon 2
22 14,400 4,200,000 1d21h 12,000 12,000 Ruby Core Icon 2

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