Smart Part Box (Platinum 50)

General informationEdit

Contains a chance to win Cerulean Armor, a unique equipment with gargantuan health boosts along with Smart AI. Other prizes include Hacker's patches.
Two new powerful parts have been made available for the Engineering Lab, Cerulean Damage Sensors and Cerulean Central Protection Parts! Cerulean Damage Sensors will greatly increase your turret's Range and Damage but that's not all! These parts come equipped with a "Smart" AI that will cause your turrets to target units with the "lowest" health, almost assuredly finishing them off. Cerulean Central Protection parts will greatly increase Splash Radius and provide multi-targeting capabilities, but once again there's more. The Central Protection's Smart AI will automatically switch to and target any units that take a shot towards your command center, further aiding in your base defense The only way to acquire these items are through our new Smart Part Mystery Crate! This crate will not only give you a chance to take home this new premium part, but can also net you other great items like General SP Racks and Hacker's Patches! Visit the featured tab of the store to get yours today!

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