Small Barracks Bundle (Platinum 50 20)

General informationEdit

Open this box for a chance at: 6000 Marines, 1000-5000 Rhinos, 1000-5000 Raiders, 1000-5000 Pyros, 1000-5000 Specters, 1000-5000 Berserkers or 1000-10000 Bombas!

Barracks Bundles ON SALE!, 2015 Apr 1 (Mar 31 18:00) (1d19h)Edit

Greetings Commander,

Tired of training all those Barracks Troops during tournaments? Well now you can win them with the Barracks Bundles!

Open the Small Barracks Bundle for up to 10,000 Troops! Open the Medium Barracks Bundle for up to 20,000 Troops! Open the Large Barracks Bundle for up to 40,000 Troops!

Check the item descriptions for full lists of possible prizes. Act fast and grab your Barracks Troops before they wander off!

--The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

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