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Sky Shroud Mystery Box (Platinum 40 35 30 27 25)

General informationEdit

Open for a chance to win the Cerulean Sky Shroud, among other prizes!


Loot Amount Chance
Bomba Platoon1%
L1 Vermillion Advanced Targeting1%
Sky Shroud Token 1.0%
Sky Shroud Token 2.0%
Incendiary Core%
Incendiary Rack%
8-Hour Accelerator%
15-Hour Accelerator%
Hacker's Patch%
L1 Cerulean Sky Shroud%
L5 Cerulean Sky Shroud%
L15 Cerulean Sky Shroud%


Control the skies with the Sky Shroud!, 2013 Aug 31 9:00 (2d3h); Sep 3 9:00 (1d)Edit

The newest Engineering Lab Part, the Cerulean Sky Shroud has been discovered! The Sky Shroud vastly increases your Defense against Battlecruisers! Open this box for a chance to rule the skies! This mystery box contains a chance to win Level 1, Level 5 and Level 15 Cerulean Sky Shrouds!

This box also contains a chance to win Hacker’s Patches, Decimators, 8 or 15 Hour Accelerators, Incendiary Cores or Racks, and the Sky Shroud Token 1.0 or 2.0!! Don’t miss this opportunity to be one of the first to get the Cerulean Sky Shroud!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Mystery Box Mania!, 2013 Sep 10Edit

All day today, we will be featuring sales on Mystery Boxes at their lowest price EVER!  Watch out for sales popping up on the Daily Update all day long for your chance to save on Edgeworld’s best Mystery Boxes!

Pick one up now to unlock some interstellar prizes!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Smart Part Sellout!, 2013 Sep 24 10:00 (1d)Edit


Need Smart Parts? Check out the Daily Update and the Featured Tab for different deals featuring the following Smart Parts:

Cerulean Network Sabotage Cerulean Sky Shroud Cerulean Meteoric Shield NEW Vermillion Armor NEWEST Vermillion Fireproof Shield!!!

Keep checking back, we'll have different Smart Part Mystery Boxes and Sales for you throughout the day!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

2013 Oct 28 10:00 (1d)Edit

Platinum 15

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