Sharpshooter Mystery Box (Platinum 100 49)

General informationEdit

Could contain the Level 18 Emerald Advanced Targeting!

Other possible prizes include:

Rebellion Patch
Emerald Advanced Targeting at Level 1 or 10
Ruby Advanced Targeting at Level 1, 10 or 15
Vermillion Advanced Targeting at Level 1, 10 or 15
3x Liquid Scope
5x Ruby Mine MB
Black Market Patch
Hackers Patch
Blast Bot Platoon
2x Incineraptor Swarm
2x 8 Hour Accelerator
5x After Burner MB


Sharpshooter Mystery Box/2014#Promotions, Sharpshooter Mystery Box/2015#Promotions, Sharpshooter Mystery Box/2016#Promotions


Sharpshooter Mystery Box/2014#Sales, Sharpshooter Mystery Box/2015#Sales, Sharpshooter Mystery Box/2016#Sales

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