Sensor Box (Platinum 10)

General informationEdit

Rare chance to win a Powerful Damage Sensor Equipment that specialized in dealing ultra large damage to weakened enemies. Also contains troops and other items.


Item Times Chance
General SP Mystery Crate 1 %
Total 1 100%

New Lab Smart Part!, 2013 Feb 22Edit

The Cerulean Damage Sensor is a smart AI equipment that fires ultra high powered beams that incinerate incoming troops. The Smart AI targets troops with weakened defenses to effectively get rid of all vulnerable threats. In addition to this Smart AI, the part itself will also greatly increase your turret's Range and Damage!

Purchase a Sensor Box today for a chance to win one of these rare parts and vanquish your enemies today. Other items in the Sensor Box include Hacker's Patches and Accelerators.

The Sensor Box is only available until 2/25/2013

—Edgeworld, Mail

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