Find Yourself with a Level 1 base?Edit

A sector merge can take anything up to 10 hours so there will be a period of time when your sector is gone and your new merged sector has not yet finished merging.

What happens when you try to play edgeworld during that period of time? Edgeworld has to put you in some sector so it will put you in a random one. If you have not played in that sector before Edgeworld will create a brand new level 1 base.

This is what happens whenever you join a sector you have not been in before. This level 1 base is not your merged base. You have not lost the base you have worked on in another sector.

When the merge completes and the new merged sector is available you can change sectors and find your old base pretty much as it was.

Always check at the bottom (or top for Google+ players) of the screen to determine what sector you are actually in. If it is not your new merged sector from the list then don't panic. Just wait until your merged sector opens.

Sector Merges are Coming!Edit

Sector merges will be starting across Edgeworld very soon, so be sure to check the forum for a full FAQ on the process today!

—Edgeworld, Mail, priority, 2013 Apr 23

Merged Sector NamingEdit

The first three are sci-fi references (Firefly, Babylon 5, Dr. Who)

The next one is named from a player, with the 1 year old event (Knight of Throk).

The next 4 (V Dog, Big C, Strong Wils, Captain's Logg) are callouts to Kabam's back-end engineers.

Future Merge Sectors will probably be callouts to the rest of the team (front end, product, art, community, QA, Support).


Kabam did not originally announce the merge of Tadpole Galaxy sector.  In-game mails and forum notification did not originally contain any reference to the merge of Tadpole Galaxy.  After the merge had already began, Kabam retrospectively modified their forum post to make it seem like they had originally notified players of Tadpole Galaxy inclusion in the merge.


Sector Merge ListEdit

Inactive sectors New sectors
Sector # Name Sector # Name Date Merged
20 Seyfert 180 Serene Valley Nebula

Original Date: 26-Apr-2013

Started: 29-Apr-2013

Ended: 30-Apr-2013

32 Aquila
5 Hydra 181 Soul Hunter Galaxy

Original Date: 8-May-2013

Started: 8-May-2013

Ended: 8-May-2013

6 Orion
10 Cygnus
15 Tau Ceti
3 Centaurus A 182

Big Bang Nebula

Original Date: 9-May-2013

Started: 9-May-2013

Ended: 9-May-2013

9 Serpens
16 Helix
27 Monoceros
29 Pisces Cloud
64 Saturn Nebula 183 Knights of Throk Galaxy

Original Date: 13-May-2013

73 Taurus Dark Cloud
31 Ursa Major
23 Vega
66 Wild Duck Cluster
24 Altair 184 V Dog Nebula

Original Date: 14-May-2013

26 Carina
18 Draco
17 Fornax
4 Markarian
12 Circinus 185 Big C Cluster

Original Date: 15-May-2013

69 Dragon Nebula
22 Pollux
14 Procyon
11 Triangulum
1 Andromeda 186 Strong Wils Nimbus

Original Date: 16-May-2013

25 Deneb
71 Ghost Head Nebula
13 Perseus A
8 Zwicky
28 Leo Minor 187 Captain's Logg

Original Date: 17-May-2013

30 Malin
19 Messier
2 Omega Centauri
21 Pegasus
36 Vulpecula 188 Jills Star

Original Date: 20-May-2013

39 Cirrus Nebula
40 Holmberg IX
53 Delta Lyrae
57 Firefly
45 Alpha Persei 189 Space Chase

Original Date: 21-May-2013

58 Aquarius
59 Merope Nebula
154 Phoenix Dwarf Irregular
41 Antlia 190 TKO Cross

Original Date: 22-May-2013

48 Vela SNR
52 Eta Carinae
61 Leo Triplet
62 Pinwheel Galaxy
37 Tucana Dwarf 191 Dark Forester Galaxy

Original Date: 23-May-2013

42 Virgo A
54 Flatland
60 BW Tauri
65 Red Spider Nebula
44 Hercules A 192 McNeil Nebula

Original Date: 24-May-2013

46 Terraknus
49 Kappa Crucis
155 Lacework Nebula
34 Argo Dwarf 194 Brassells Belt

Original Date: 28-May-2013

50 Pavo Globular
56 Sagittarius A
63 Holmberg I
67 Maia Nebula
85 Papillon 195 Clements Cluster

Original Date: 28-May-2013

110 Whale Galaxy
115 Hourglass Nebula
133 Aldebaran (Russian)
150 Eskimo Nebula
33 Clements Nebula 196 Vu Mai Mira

Original Date: 29-May-2013

35 Hyades
47 Antares
51 Omicron Velorum
70 Small Magellanic Cloud
100 Southern Crab Nebula 197 Spiral Rouse

Original Date: 29-May-2013

118 Rho Ophiuchi Nebula
163 Egg Nebula
173 Eagle Nebula
38 Maffei II 198 Artem Quasar

Original Date: 30-May-2013

43 Cassiopeia
55 Calabash Nebula
72 Dragonfly Cluster
75 Barbell Nebula 199 Tuan Lyrae

Original Date: 30-May-2013

88 Eye Nebula 
89 Beehive Cluster
151 Diablo Nebula
174 Lagoon Nebula
84 Cocoon Nebula 200 Sano Supergiant

Original Date: 31-May-2013

126 Large Magellanic Cloud
144 Keyhole Nebula
146 V Man Cluster
168 Atom For Peace Galaxy
91 Pisces Dwarf 201 Hagan Hungarias

Original Date: 31-May-2013

109 Blue Flash Nebula
128 July SaltandPepper
167 Duck Nebula
169 Tadpole Galaxy
80 Nubecula Major 202 Nick of Time

Original Date: 3-Jun-2013

97 Pleiades
116 Star Queen Nebula
132 Pancake Galaxy
159 Bubble Nebula
90 Cigar Galaxy 203 Sean Pagne Supernova

Original Date: 3-Jun-2013

108 Lobster Nebula
112 Silver Coin Galaxy
148 Xmas Tree Cluster
166 Holmberg II
106 Carafe Group 204 Savannah Satellite

Original Date: 4-Jun-2013

117 Starfish Cluster
137 Black Eye Galaxy
140 Reticulum Dwarf
149 Splinter Galaxy
77 Lost Galaxy 205 Joehnk Galaxy

Original Date: 4-Jun-2013

96 Triffid Nebula
125 BL Lacertae
170 Little Gem
82 January SaltandPepper 206 M Lin Variable

Original Date: 4-Jun-2013

104 Medusa Nebula
139 Sculptor Dwarf
141 Sagittarius Dwarf
172 Flame Nebula
93 Sagittarius Star Cloud 207 Rhino Marias

Original Date: 4-Jun-2013

103 Omega Nebula
131 E Nebula
162 Dumbbell Nebula
171 Looped Nebula
102 Camelopardalis A 208 Pumpr Nova

Original Date: 5-Jun-2013

142 Rho Ophiuchi Dark Cloud
145 Holmberg IV
156 Seagull Nebula
165 Leo III
114 Cave Nebula 210 General Tsao Galaxy

Original Date: 5-Jun-2013

120 Hourglass Planetary Nebula
123 Spirograph Nebula
153 Boomerang Nebula
157 Sombrero Galaxy
87 Prawn Nebula 210 Neptune Stock

Original Date: 5-Jun-2013

99 Perseus Double Cluster
134 Syriusz
160 Leo II
161 Chi Persei
98 Omicron Canis Minorum 212 Monaghan Meteor

Original Date: 5-Jun-2013

101 Nubecula Minor
107 Taurus A
113 Crescent Nebula
143 Filamentary Nebula
105 Flaming Star Nebula 212 Bok Koh Nebula

Original Date: 6-Jun-2013

121 Ursa Minor Dwarf
122 Whirlpool Galaxy
124 Turtle Planetary Nebula
130 Little Dumbbell Nebula
74 Cloud Nebula 213 Figgins Filament

Original Date: 6-Jun-2013

78 Little Ghost Nebula
86 Phantom Streak
129 Hercules Globular Cluster
147 Elephant Trunk
79 Ghost of Jupiter 214 Skyler Star

Original Date: 6-Jun-2013

92 Mu Normae Cluster
95 Spiral Cluster
138 Stingray Nebula
158 Einstein Cross
81 Gamma Cygni Nebula 215 Algol Yoon

Original Date: 6-Jun-2013

83 Ant Nebula
111 Holmberg V
127 Coma Pinwheel Galaxy
164 Coma Star Cluster
76 Bear Paw Galaxy 216 Newman Nebula

Original Date: 7-Jun-2013

94 Pelican Nebula
135 Centaurus Chain
136 Jewel Box
152 Delle Caustiche

First Round of Sector Merges & Pre-Merge ChecklistEdit

We are happy to announce the first round of Sector merges will take place this Friday starting at 11:00am PDT

The following Sectors will be merged together into the Serene Valley Nebula Sector.

During the merge, these Sectors will be unavailable for play. We anticipate the Merge will take at most 12 hours. We will post here on the forums when the merge is complete.

Now that the first merge is scheduled, here's what you should do to prepare:

I have no characters on these Sectors: Just be patient and wait for your Sector(s) to be announced for merging.

I have one character on these Sectors: There's nothing you need to do, just make sure to finish what you were doing ingame before the start of the Merge and log out. We will take care of the rest! Don't worry about any of your in-progress training or building as part of merging process will involve finishing any in-progress builds early.

I have several characters on these Sectors, but only one I care about: All you need to do to keep your primary base is ensure that it was the last base you logged into before the Merges begin.

I have several characters on these servers, more than one I care about and have put significant work into: Pick your most powerful/favorite and make sure that is the last one you've logged into before the merges begin. Don't worry about which one has certain friends/alliance members, since everybody is going the same place. Please note that characters on different accounts (one of Facebook, another on for example) do not count for this, as they will not be merged together. Additionally, reach out to support about your secondary character(s) and be patient.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the merge, please do so in this thread:

—Nicholas N, Edgeworld News and Announcements, 2013 Apr 24

Criteria for deleting old accountsEdit

Below level 25, gone for more than a month, and no Platinum purchased on the account.

Also, everyone who started playing, but didn't finish the tutorial

—Nicholas N, Forum, 2013 Mar 9

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