Scarbide Ingot (Platinum 40)

General informationEdit

Semi-organic material originally developed for Cerulean troops. Required for each level 10 (or higher) research upgrade.

Scarbide Ingot can also be bought in bundles of 5 or won by Zoot's Loot, KIRA's Gift, Salvage Box, and the Level-350 Erazi base Mission.

The Scarbide Ingot is used to craft the Cerulean Ammo Delivery part in the Engineering Lab.


Scarbide Ingot/2014#Promotions, Scarbide Ingot/2015#Promotions, Scarbide Ingot/2016#Promotions


Scarbide Ingot/2012#Sales, Scarbide Ingot/2013#Sales, Scarbide Ingot/2014#Sales

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