Salvage Box (Platinum 8 10)

General informationEdit

Collected from the battlefield. Open for a chance to win a rare Control Device, or other valuable item

Stats, 2013 Feb 15–Aug 28Edit

Item                     Times Chance 
2 Zoot Tokens 286 53·9%
15-Min 8x XP Boost 101 19·0%
1-Hour Accelerator 72 13·6%
Control Device 19 3·6%
Scarbide Ingot 17 3·2%
Decimator Core 16 3·0%
15-Min Accelerator 9 1·7%
Incendiary Core 8 1·5%
Cerulean Core 3 0·5%
Total 531 100%

Stats, 2013 Aug 28–Edit

Item Times Chance
2 Zoot Tokens 463 36·7%
SCC Mystery Box 332 26·3%
1-Hour Accelerator 303 24·0%
Incineraptor 60 4·8%
Decimator Core 40 3·2%
Scarbide Ingot 38 3·0%
Incendiary Core 21 1·7%
Synthetic Control Core 4 ·3%
Total 1261 100%


New Salvage Box Contents!, 2013 Feb 14Edit

The Salvage Box has been updated to be more in line with the times, and should offer much better payouts Like Decimator Cores, Scarbide Ingots, and Incendiary Cores!

Check them out today, and don't overlook those Control Devices...having a few extra in your inventory may come in handy in the near future...

—Edgeworld, Mail

Improvements to Boxes and Crates!, 2013 Aug 29Edit

Greetings Commander,

We have made some updates to the Annihilator Crate and the Renegade Crate so now you can get even better prizes inside!

We’ve changed the contents of the Builders Box[sic] to include Vermillion Cores, Ruby Cores and 8 Hour Accelerators! We’ve also added 50% Training Accelerators to the Training Box and added Incineraptors and SCC Mystery Boxes to the Salvage Box! Plus the Mystery Carrier now contains better and bigger troops!

We’ve also replaced the 3 Pulse Carriers in the Annihilator Crate with 3 50K Force Boxes. These boxes contain troops that will grant a MINIMUM of 50,000 Force Points, and could contain troops worth 100,000 or 250,000 Force Points! AND we’re including a Ruby Core and 5 Meteoric Mystery Boxes in the Crate as well!

Be sure to check out the shop and pick up a new and improved Crates[sic] today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

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