Renegade Crate (Platinum 499 399)

Zoot's Loot Renegade Crate

The Crate when won in Zoot's Loot

General informationEdit

Crush your enemies and upgrade your base defenses with this crate! Includes:

10x Incendiary Box
8x Training Box
8x Builder's Box
8x Accelerator Box
4x Mystery Carrier
5x Zoot's Zoot Token

Renegade Crate could be won at Zoot's Wheel and Zoot's Jackpot, and can be won at Zoot's Loot and Platinum promotions.


Renegade Crate/2013#Promotions, Renegade Crate/2014#Promotions, Renegade Crate/2015#Promotions, Renegade Crate/2016#Promotions, Renegade Crate/2017#Promotions


Renegade Crate/2013#Sales, Renegade Crate/2014#Sales, Renegade Crate/2015#Sales, Renegade Crate/2016#Sales

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