Red Fireproof Mystery Box (Platinum 100 50 40)

General informationEdit

Win the Vermillion Fireproof Shield, Hacker's Patches, Black Market Patches or Troops!

NEW Red Fireproof Mystery Box!, 2013 Sep 25 10:30 (1d); Oct 2 9:00 (1d)Edit


Get this Mystery Box for a chance to win the NEWEST Vermillion Part: Fireproof Shield!

The Cerulean[sic] Fireproof Shield is a BRAND NEW Smart AI Equipment Part that protects your Turrets from explosive Fire Damage from Bombas! This Equipment’s Defense against explosive Fire Damage improves rapidly as it is upgraded.

In addition to this Smart AI, equipping this Part will also significantly increase the Turret's Health as well as the number of targets that it can attack simultaneously!

Purchase a Red Fireproof Mystery Box today for a chance to win one of these rare parts and vanquish your enemies!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

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