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Quad-Force Crate (Platinum 200 100 125)

General informationEdit

Win at least 4 Troop Boxes from the following Prize amounts:

Up to 5x Tri-Force Crates (600+ Plat. Value!)
Up to 10x G-Force Boxes (300+ Plat. Value!)
Up to 10x Use the Force Boxes (200+ Plat. Value!)

Get one of each Troop Prize Guaranteed (100+ Plat. Value)!


Item Times Chance
Tri-Force Crate 66 22%
4 G-Force Mystery Boxes 53 17.6%
Use the Force Box 50 16.6%
G-Force Mystery Box 35 11.7%
4 Use the Force Boxes 30 10%
2 Tri-Force Crates 25 8.3%
9 G-Force Mystery Boxes 22 7.3%
9 Use the Force Boxes 9 3%
4 Tri-Force Crates 9 3%
Behemoth Bundle 1 0.3%
Total 300 100%


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Quad-Force Crate/2014#Sales, Quad-Force Crate/2015#Sales

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