Range 5,000
Level Damage Health Rate Resource Use Capacity Time Gas Cores
16 7,500 27,500 20 250,000 1,200,000,000 1d6h 6,000 VCoreIcon
17 8,500 30,000 20 350,000 1,500,000,000 1d12h40m 7,000 Ruby Core Icon
18 9,000 35,000 20 400,000 1,500,000,000 1d17h40m 8,000 Ruby Core Icon
19 9,500 40,000 20 450,000 1,500,000,000 1d22h40m 9,000 Ruby Core Icon 2
20 10,000 45,000 20 500,000 1,500,000,000 2d3h40m 10,000 Ruby Core Icon 2
21 10,500 50,000 20 550,000 1,500,000,000 2d8h40m 11,000 Ruby Core Icon 2
22 11,000 55,000 20 600,000 1,500,000,000 2d13h40m 12,000 Ruby Core Icon 2

Level 16 Upgrades Released!, 2013 Apr 18 12:00Edit

At long last, Buildings, Troops, Generals and Research can finally be upgraded to Level 16!

You will see a greater increase in the power of your Troops, Buildings and Generals, a larger Base Size, additional Levels of Research, and significantly increased Warp Gate capacities at Level 16, so it is essential that you upgrade your base today!

Additionally, upon upgrading your Resource Converter building to Level 16, you will also gain a brand new powerful turret called the Orbital Strike Cannon! This unique turret will hover over your Resource Converter and convert your existing resources into high-powered energy blasts that lay waste to your enemies! Please check the forums for more information on the Level 16 upgrades along with this brand new turret.

Level 16 will help you on your way to having the most powerful base in all of Edgeworld!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Resource Converter Superpowered!, 2014 Feb 12Edit

Greetings Commander,

Unlocking Level 16 of your Resource Converter opens up a whole new line of defense with the Orbital Strike Cannon, and that defense has just gotten better! The range of the Orbital Strike Cannon has been permanently increased at levels 16, 17 and 18!

Defend your base and protect your territory!

--The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

Orbital strike cannon ring

A framesheet of the Cannon's ring above to show its Level-16hood.

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