Glitches exsist throughout the game.Here are some minor glitches.Most are graphic issues.

Current Minor GlitchesEdit

Black screen after battle/attacked base.Edit

This is a normally occuring glitch.once you find a attacked/or you got attacked you would see black in random parts of your base.This can be fixxed by reloading the game.

Time mess up.Edit

This is where when you use a big speed up (such as 2.5 day accelerator) the game may mess up.showing before when you did the speed up.This hasn't been fixxed.

Massive GraphicsEdit

Many graphic mashups occur,this is extremely rare.I got it,but I did not record it.It looked like Red ,green and blue combining and all other sorts of stuff.This can be fixxed by reopening the browser.Relaoding makes it worse.

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