Master's Kit (Platinum 975)

General informationEdit

For the advanced commander. Get a discount on this great collection of items!

3x 1,000,000 Energy
2x Combat Strategy
10x 1 Hour Accelerator
5x 8 Hour Accelerator
3x 24 Hour Accelerator

It can no longer be won at Zoot's Loot nor can it be bought at the Store


Level 9 Buildings and Research, 2011 Sep 9Edit

Level 9 will be here soon! Upgrade your buildings and units to level 9, and you'll be entered to win great prizes!

Level 9 Upgrade Contest!

Upgrade any building to level 9, or research any unit to level 9, and you're automatically entered to win! Five players will win a Master's Kit! More level 9s mean more chances to win!

Upgrade Your Command Center!

A level 9 Command Center isn't just a good idea - it's a chance to win big! One user with a Level 9 Command Center will win 1100 Platinum!

Instant Upgrade Bonus!

Use the 'Buy Now' button to instantly upgrade a building or research a unit, and you could win! Fifteen players will win a Warriors' Kit!

And yes: If you instant upgrade your Command Center to level 9, you're entered into all three contests!

Our contests will begin as soon as our level 9 update is out, and winners will be announced on Monday, 9/19!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Build and Battle Weekend!, 2011 Sep 16Edit

Take your base and your XP to new heights this weekend, and earn prizes and Platinum!

Battle Cry!

Every Combat Boost you use this weekend (Skill, Tactics, or Strategy) will automatically enter you to win 5 Combat Strategy items! Will you be lucky enough to win the huge boost? One winner will be chosen in each sector!

Level 9 Upgrade Contests!

Our Level 9 contests continue! Upgrade your Command Center to Level 9, and you're entered to win 1100 Platinum! One player will win!

Once your CC is at Level 9, keep upgrading! Every building or research that reaches level 9 will give you a chance to win a Master's Kit! Five players will be chosen!

Instant Upgrade Bonus!

Build up your base! Use the 'Buy Now' button to instantly upgrade your buildings or research new units! Use instant upgrade this weekend, and you're instantly entered to win a Warrior's Kit! Fifteen players will win!

Winners will be announced Monday, 9/19! Good luck, Commander!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Build and Battle Winners!, 2011 Sep 19Edit

Congratulations to ZombieKing! They won 1100 Platinum for upgrading their Command Center to Level 9!

KillZoneUK, Que, Garrek, Boilermaker and Avatar have won a Master's Kit for their Level 9 research and buildings!

glp, Alex David, marcel2003, TAFF, purp121, MURPH81, dr. doom, Ghozt, Empo, Ala Perizada, METOCA, pepe001, Lindber, Moemm and Grakon will receive a Warrior's Kit because they instantly upgraded their buildings and research!

Finally, Porzer, Avatar, mamme, Cosmic Death, Eosrali, Raduran, kingshawn, Het, sgt, WICKDWARLORD, PompusTwit, Scoop, RedSox, meat-puppet, bullhead, Trojan, Rebus, HydraSpy and acidmilk earned 5 Combat Strategy items! They'll be gaining levels and moving up the ranks!

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks again for playing Edgeworld!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Huge Platinum Prizes!, 2011 Sep 23Edit

Our events just keep getting better and better! We've got big Platinum prizes for every Sector available this weekend!

Zoot's Platinum Giveaway Party!

Zoot is giving away two 1,000 Platinum prizes to every Sector! All you have to do is play Zoot's Loot or use a Zoot Token, and you could win big!

Alliance Pride Event!

Give us your Alliance motto, your origin story, or show us your flag! The best entry will win a 2.5 Hour Speedup for every member in the Alliance, and the runner-up entry will receive 2 Zoot Tokens for the entire Alliance!

[ Visit the forums now to enter!]

Boost your Level and Win!

Fight hard and level up! One player in each Sector who gains the most Levels from Friday to Monday will win a Master's Kit!

We're giving away nearly 100,000 PLATINUM WORTH OF PRIZES this weekend! We'll announce the winners Monday. Will you be a big Platinum winner?

—Edgeworld, Mail

Terraknor Science Fair!, 2011 Nov 2Edit

We must improve our knowledge of the terrible Lancer!

Upgrade your Terraknor Research by Monday, and you could win!

We're giving out one prize to a random player in each Sector for each level of Research:

Level 1: Combat Skill
Level 2: Combat Tactics
Level 3: Combat Strategy
Level 4: Combat Strategy x2
Level 5: Combat Strategy x3
Level 6: Combat Strategy x4
Level 7: Combat Strategy x5
Level 8: Combat Strategy x5 + Warrior's Kit
Level 9: Combat Strategy x5 + Master's Kit

Increase your Research to be eligible for higher prizes.

(Also, fewer players have high-level Research, so your chances to win are better, too!)

Prizes are awarded Monday, November 7. Good luck! Click on your Tech Lab and start your research!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Military Recruitment Event, 2012 Mar 13Edit

Train the most Specters, Disruptors, Pulse Tanks, or Terraknors to win! Details in your mail.

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

Ending today!, 2012 Mar 13Edit

Ending today!

Master's Kits for Pulse Cores: Train or upgrade a Pulse Tank for a chance to win a Master's Kit!
Combat Boost Sale: Combat Skill, Tactics, and Strategy up to 25% off!
Level 7 Upgrade Event: Upgrade your buildings to level 7 or higher to win!

—Edgeworld, Mail


Your disruptor army is enormous and terrifying! We've granted you a Master's Kit in recognition of your military expansion! You can find this new item in your inventory.

Pulse of Cerulea, 2012 Mar 21Edit


The pulse of Cerulea is strong with you! Your Pulse Tank training or research has earned you a Master's Kit! Check your inventory for this new item. Congratulations!

Get your FREE Master's Kit!, 2012 Mar 25Edit Upgrade Incendiary Turrets now through Sunday for a chance to win a Master's Kit!

Unleash the fire of the Incendiary Core! Show us your mastery of flame, and you could win a Master's Kit!
We'll choose 100 players who upgrade their Incendiary Turrets between now and Sunday, 3/26, and grant them a Master's Kit! Every Incendiary Core used is a chance to win!
To enter, upgrade any of your Incendiary Turrets! Upgrading higher-level turrets gives you more chances to win!
Master's Kits will be sent out after Monday, 3/27.

—Edgeworld, Mail


Well done, Commander! Your upgraded Incendiary Turrets have caught our attention, and we've awarded you a Master's Kit! You can find this item in your inventory!

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