Marine Carrier

Marine Carrier instantly trains 3,000 Marines without using your Barracks or any Resources, and gives their equivalent XP.

It is currently not available for purchase (Platinum 10).


Smart Part Sellout!, 2013 Nov 18 9:30 (1d); Nov 28 (1d)Edit

Need Smart Parts? Check out the Daily Update and the Featured Tab for different deals featuring the following Smart Part Mystery Boxes:

Hubble Rubble Mystery Box
Triple Threat Mystery Box
Special Delivery Mystery Box

Keep checking back, we'll have different Smart Part Mystery Boxes and Sales for you throughout the day!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

Mystery Box Mania!!!, 2013 Dec 14 0:00 (1d); 2014 Jan 21 15:00 (1d); Feb 8 10:00 (1d1h)Edit

Hubble Rubble Mystery Box

Return of the Hubble Rubble+ BONUS!, 2015 Apr 21 10:00 (1d)Edit

Greetings Commander,

The rarely seen Hubble Rubble Box has made a reappearance for only 2 Platinum!

Need some help getting your turret game started? Well open the Hubble Rubble Box for chances at Vermillion parts up to level 17! PLUS, your odds of winning Level 17 Vermillion Spread Fire, Ammo Delivery, and Network Sabotage have been TRIPLED!

BONUS: From now until 10:00am PDT on April 22nd, buying Hubble Rubble Boxes will win you PRIZES!

Buy 10 Hubble Rubble Boxes and you'll get 2 Super Meteor Boxes FREE! (No limit)
Buy 25 Hubble Rubble Boxes and you'll get 1 Solar Flare Box FREE! (Limit 10)
Buy 75 Hubble Rubble Boxes and you'll get 1 Takeover Crate FREE! (Limit 1)
Buy 125 Hubble Rubble Boxes and you'll get 1 Rebellion Crate and 5 Meteor Mystery Boxes FREE! (Limit 1)

Prizes will be distributed by 12:00pm PDT on April 23rd

Take advantage of this amazing bargain while it lasts!

--The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

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