Territory map bases, include

  • upgrade levels
  • NPC map bases
  • Player owned map bases
  • conquering map bases
  • that map tactic thing to capture many map bases at once

Conquering Map Bases

Map bases may be taken individually or in groups (a process known as "chaining" or "cascading"). When a group of ten or fewer map bases belonging to an opposing alliance have been surrounded, and the last base closing the chain is of an equal or higher level than bases inside the chain, all the bases will be taken.

Map bases can be different in strength and infrastructure, some might be easier to take with Deciminators or Battle cruisers than others.

Note: After the introduction of Alliance Shield Generators, chaining appeared to work only for an alliance with a higher standard base-level than the alliance being attacked. Hence, weaker alliances could not complete chains against stronger alliances, but stronger alliances could do so against weaker alliances. At this time it is unclear whether kabam intends to restore chaining to its previous state, or if this is to be a permanent aspect.

Chaining is by 17-09-2015 still impossible to do if you don't compete with a high ASG score.

You score doesn't have to be higher than the opposing alliance. but you need to be able to make 50k bases without upgrading them.

Your alliance score boost must exceed approx. 6.500 to be able to chain effectively.

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