A Lieutenant, who is otherwise known as an LT, is a player who has been granted the rank of Lieutenant by an alliance's Leader. The rank of Lieutenant is the next highest rank you can achieve within an alliance, above Recruit. A player with the rank of Lieutenant has almost complete control of an alliance, with a few exceptions: Only the Leader can appoint new Lieutenants, remove existing Lieutenants, or disband the alliance.

A Lieutenant can

  • Access the "Requests" tab and accept or refuse membership requests. The requesting member will receive the usual "Accepted" message, "sent" from the leader of the alliance, regardless of who actually accepted him.
  • Kick players from the alliance, who will suffer the usual 72-hour block from that specific alliance. Trying to kick another Lieutenant or the Leader gives an error message, preventing such a thing.
  • Modify the status with other alliances, making them friendly, neutral, or enemy.

Due to the powers bestowed upon them, a Leader should carefully choose who should gain these privileges.


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