Level 10 Vermillion Armor (Platinum 5000)

General informationEdit

Contains the Level 10 Vermillion Armor!


Purchase Plat, Get Parts!, 2013 Oct 7Edit


Starting now until 12:00am PDT on October 8th, 2013, purchasing Platinum will earn you two of the most dominant parts in Edgeworld!

Purchase 225 Platinum or more and receive the Level 1 Vermillion Fireproof Shield AND the Level 10 Vermillion Armor!

This event will only last for 24 hours so act fast! Limit one prize per Player, per Sector.

Prizes will be awarded by October 10th, 2013.

—Edgeworld, Mail

Participate in the Platinum Purge..., 2014 Feb 5Edit


Starting at 1pm PST 2/5/14, spend the qualifying amount to earn the following prizes:

Spend 200 to receive 3 Hacker’s Patches + above prizes! (300 Plat. Value)
Spend 500 to receive 3 Ruby Cores + above prizes! (900+ Plat. Value)
Spend 1500 to receive 5 Black Market Patches + 5 General’s Crates + above prizes! (2500+ Plat. Value)
Spend 2000 to receive 1 Level 10 Vermillion Armor Smart Part, 1 Decimator Crate, 1 Renegade Crate, 1 Annihilator Crate + above prizes! (5000+ Plat. Value!!!)

This deal ends 2/6/14 at 1pm PST (24 Hours) so make sure you reach your Tier in time!

NOTE: Prizes will be awarded by 2/7/14

—Edgeworld, Mail

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