Incineraptor and Core Box (Platinum 15 12)

General informationEdit

Open for a chance to win the following:

1x Synthetic Control Core
1x Incineraptor
2x Battle Cruiser
200x Bombas
100x Bombas
100x Shrikes
100x Titans


New Incineraptor and Core Box on Sale!, 2013 May 31Edit


In this new Incineraptor and Core Box, you can win both untrainable, exclusive Incineraptor troops as well as Synthetic Control Cores for Incineraptor research! You can also win other troops including Battle Cruisers, Bombas, Shrikes and Titans that will help you during this latest Force Tournament!

This great mystery box will only be available for a Limited Time, so visit the featured tab of the shop to get yours today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Weekend Sales are HERE!, 2015 Sep 4 10:00 (3d4h)Edit

Greetings Commander,

The weekend is here so time to take advantage of some stellar deals with a few special price drops! Head over to the store today for deals on the following items:

-Incineration Crate, 75 Platinum
-Incineraptor and Core Box, 8 Platinum
-Bomba Box, 1 Platinum
-E-3 Schematic Mystery Box, 19 Platinum

BONUS! Starting now until 12:00pm PDT on September 7th you will win a bonus for buying Incineration Crates!

Buy 3 Incineration Crates and you will get 1 Red Giant Crate FREE! (No limit)

Prizes will be delivered by 12:00pm PDT on September 8th.

-The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

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