IAVA Charity Crate (Platinum 99)

General informationEdit

1x Scarbide Rack

1x Vermillion Core
1x 30% Training Accelerator

IAVA Charity CrateEdit


Here at Kabam we do our best to support highly effective charities around the world. In an effort to bring that opportunity to our players and to honor Memorial Day in the U.S., we will be making a *limited edition* charity bundle to benefit Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) available in the store starting today.

The bundle will contain the following items:

1 x Vermillion Core
1 x Scarbide Rack
1 x 30% Training Accelerator

This is a savings of nearly 200%! When the sale concludes on Sunday June 2nd, 100% of the IAVA Charity Bundle’s net proceeds will be donated to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America on behalf of the Kabam community to support IAVA's healthcare, scholarship and job training programs!

Thank you for your support, and we hope you have a great Holiday!

Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail, 2013 May 24

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