Helio Salvage (Platinum 40)

General informationEdit

Scavenged from wrecked Helio ships, these crates could contain anything from Scarbide Ingots to massive Accelerators.

Helio Salvage had been awarded in early Player Tournaments after KIRA's Gift. It can't be salvaged from Helio Legion.


Loot Amount Chance
24-Hour Accelerator 6 19.4%
Scarbide Ingot 6 19.4%
Nano Crate 6 19.4%
4-Day Accelerator 5 16.1%
60-Minute Troop Energizer 5 16.1%
Hour of Power Crate 2 6.5%
Nano Canister 1 3.2%
7-Day Accelerator 3 5.4%
Vermilion Core 1 2.6%




Congratulations, Commander! Your Alliance grew at an amazing rate during our Alliance Salvage Contest, and you have been awarded a Helio Salvage Crate! Check your inventory for your item!

Train Troops to Win, 2012 Mar 25Edit

Train a massive army, and win Crates!

We want to find Commanders dedicated to expanding their armies and recruiting new troops. These Commanders could win Crates containing high-value items!
200 players who train at least 100 Rhinos will win a HELIO SALVAGE CRATE!
200 players who train at least 10 Lancers will win an ERAZI SMUGGLER'S CRATE!
100 players who train at least 10 Disruptors will win an HOUR OF POWER CRATE!
100 players who train at least 5 Pulse Tanks will win an HOUR OF POWER CRATE!

Units must be trained and in your staging area by end of day 3/25! (Midnight PST, 7am UTC). Good luck!

—Edgeworld, Mail


Your rhino army is enormous and terrifying! We've granted you a Helio Salvage Crate in recognition of your military expansion! You can find this new item in your inventory.



The luck of the Helio is with you! You've made a huge, green mess by attacking Helio bases and looting their Uranium, and you've received two Helio Salvage Crates from our contest! Congratulations!



Your Platinum has attracted the interest of Cerulean scavengers, and they've rewarded your patronage with stolen Helio supplies. You've received one Helio Salvage Crate for every 100 Platinum spent during the last week! Check your inventory for these prizes!



Well done, Commander! You're on the top of the level charts, and your high-speed XP earning has earned you a Helio Salvage Crate. Check your inventory for this item!



Thank you for being a valued member of the K Club! We have granted you a Helio Salvage Crate for every $40 spent on between March 6 and March 11. Check your inventory for these powerful items!

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