You mustEdit

  • Spellcheck (Can be done automatically on Google Chrome)
  • Check for grammar and clarity
  • Details, Details, Details (put in every detail you can)
  • Remove the stub tag (if you wrote enough details)
  • Instead of things like Platinum there are Platinum (learn to use these)
  • Avoid edit wars, if an article get into an edit/revoke/edit/revoke cycle we have to lock it, avoid doing this!
  • Do not use information from unreliable sources

You shouldEdit

  • Try to have a neutral point of view
  • When a Page is NEW then ADD MORE, instead of delete and criticise. Wait a few days for perfection.
  • Try to have no red links
  • Try to put stats on (if needed)
  • Have pictures (If there are)
  • Put it in anyway, even if your not sure (but mention your not sure)
  • Try to have quotes
  • Make Infoboxes
  • Bold titles

Know more? Add!

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