Gold Prize Box (Platinum 10000)

General informationEdit

Chance to win the following:

1 x Level 16 Black Market Patch
1 x Generals Order
1 x Incineraptor
1 x Synthetic Control Core
5 x Onyx Core
1 x Hacker's Patch
1 x Vermillion Core
1 x Cerulean Core
1 x Generals SP 5,000

Stats, from 2013 Sep 4Edit

Loot Platinum Amount Chance
4 Generals SP 5,000s40014%
Generals SP 5,000s10014%
2 Generals Orders1014%
3 Generals Orders1514%
Vermillion Core10028%
3 Vermillion Cores30014%
7 Vermillion Cores700312%
3 Hacker's Patches40028%
4 Hacker's Patches40014%
5 Incineraptors250028%
5 Onyx Cores20014%
2 Ruby Cores50028%
3 Ruby Cores75014%
4 Ruby Cores1000312%
2 Black Market Patches50014%
Black Market Patch25014%
Synthetic Control Core500
Cerulean Core40

Stats, 2013 Apr 30–Sep 3Edit

Loot Platinum Amount Chance
Generals SP 5,000100321%
Black Market Patch250321%
Generals Order5321%
Vermillion Core100214%
Cerulean Core4017%
Hacker's Patch10017%
5 Onyx Cores200
Synthetic Control Core500

Zoot's Loot Riot has begun!, 2014 Feb 4Edit

Win from an assortment of Upgrade Cores and the *Top Prize* during our NEW "Zoot's Loot Riot" Event!

Check out the Featured Tab of the Store to see a preview of the Premium Prizes we've included in Zoot's Loot!

*TOP PRIZE*: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Prize Boxes!

NOTE: Premium Items will only be in Zoot's Loot for a Limited Time - take advantage while you can!

—Edgeworld, Mail

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