Frozen Mystery Box (Platinum 20 15 9)

General informationEdit

Contains a chance to win the new Frozen Token! Other prizes include: E-Lab Parts, Patches, Cores and Troops!


Loot Amount Chance
3 Generals SP 1,0001%
Frozen Token1%


Get the New Frozen Token!, 2013 Sep 13; Sep 29 17:00 (7h)Edit

Looking to add a Concussive Effect to your turrets? The new Frozen Token will stop attacking troops in their tracks! Enhance your Turrets with the Frozen Token to add the Concussive Effect to any of your turrets!

Open this Mystery Box for a chance to win the Frozen Token! Prizes also include Level 5 Frozen E-Lab Parts, Black Market Patches, Hacker’s Patches, Incendiary Cores, Generals SP 1000 and Troop Bundles!

This box will only be available for a limited time so be sure to pick one up and start freezing your enemy attacks today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Mystery Box Mania!, 2013 Sep 29Edit


All day today we will be featuring Deep Discounts on Mystery Boxes!

Watch out for Sales appearing on the Daily Update and in the "Featured" tab of the Shop all day long!

Now is your chance to SAVE BIG on Edgeworld’s BEST Mystery Boxes! Pick one up now to unlock some INTERSTELLAR prizes!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Mystery Box Mania!!!, 2013 Jan 12 (1d)Edit

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