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Force is calculated by your level, troops, defences, and base upgrades. It is a calculation of the power of each player. 


Announcement @ Kabam Forums (02-20-2013 01:12 PM)

There will be 8 different ways to build Force:

  1. Player Level Force: You will gain a certain amount of Force for each level you have. To gain more, simply level up!
  2. Building Force: Build up the buildings and turrets in your HQ and Outposts for Force. Upgrade to higher levels for bigger Force gains.
  3. Research Force: All research done in the Tech Lab or Defense Lab will provide you with Force. Research higher levels for bigger gains!
  4. Training Force: Each troop you train will provide you with an amount of Force. Different troops will provide different values. This value will be further multiplied by two different factors. First, higher research level of the troop will increase the amount of Force that training the troops will provide. Second, having more and higher levels of the building the troop is trained in (Barracks, Factories, Fleet Academies) will increase the Force amount even further!
  5. General’s Force: Training and upgrading the General’s skills will net you Force. Train the highest level abilities for the biggest effect!
  6. Equipment Force: Upgrade your parts in the engineering lab to gain Force. Acquiring parts will not provide Force, but deleting parts will not result in a loss of Force either. Higher level upgrades will provide the biggest gains!
  7. PvP Force: Destroying a player’s base in PvP combat will net you Force based on the level difference between the players, and how complete the victory was. Beware though, as you will lose Force if your base is similarly defeated. Keep your defenses high, and strive to take your opponents down a peg or two!
  8. Map Node upgrade Force. Use troops to upgrade nodes on the Map for Force. Research levels and Troop building levels will further upgrade how much Force you get for the troops sacrificed. Note that node upgrades garnered from the Alliance Shield Generator will not provide any 


An example Leaderboard.


Force is earned by improving upgrading your base, amassing
an army, upgrading equipment and generals, researching and
attacking other players.


[Lifetime Rank \/ ]
Player Force Gained Reward
Player1Name 1027 5 Kira Gifts
Player2Name 930 4 Kira Gifts
Player3Name 803 3 Kira Gifts
... ... ...
[My Rank] Leaderboard is update every hour (sic) [<<] {<] 1/10 [>] [>>]

Lifetime Force Rankings Released!Edit


Increase your Lifetime Force Rankings to become the Overlord and Admiral of your Sector!

Lifetime Force now provides every player with a ranking and typically an associated bonus. The Rankings and Bonuses based on your Lifetime Force in your sector are listed below:

Rank 1: Admiral; XP Boost 10% and all prior boosts
Rank 2-10: Vice Admiral; 5% Building Speed Boost and all prior boosts
Rank 11-30: Commodore; 5% Research / Training Speed Boost and all prior boosts
Rank 31-50: Captain; 4% Research / Training Speed Boost and all prior boosts
Rank 51-100: Lieutenant Commander; 3% Research / Training Speed Boost and all prior boosts
Rank 101-200: Lieutenant; 2% Research / Training Speed Boost and all prior boosts
Rank 201-300: Lieutenant Junior Grade; 1% Research / Training Speed Boost and all prior boosts
Rank 301-400: Ensign; 5% Resource Gain Boost

Rank 401-600: Chief Warrant Officer; 4% Resource Gain Boost

Rank 601-800: Warrant Officer; 3% Resource Gain Boost
Rank 801-1000: Chief Petty Officer; 2% Resource Gain Boost
Rank 1001-5000: Crewman; 1% Resource Gain Boost
Rank 5000-End: Recruit; No Boost

The Lifetime Force leaderboard rankings and associated boosts will be updated hourly.

Additionally, at 12:01am PST on the 1st of every month, the player with the highest Lifetime Force in each sector becomes Overlord of the Sector until the 1st of the next month! Besides getting designations on the Lifetime Force leaderboard, the Overlord of the Sector also gets a special Banner to display on their base and show off this distinction to any player that scouts their base. The first Overlord of the Sector will be designated at 12:01am PST on August 1st, so be sure to have the most Force in your sector by then!

—Edgeworld, Mail, 2013 Jul 30

Tips (obvious)Edit

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Tips (non obvious)Edit

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  • Q: Thread: FORCE: Do you get force for buildings that were already building before Tourney?
  • A: It's based on the building itself, not how long the build time is. Some will give more than others, even if the build time is shorter. (Source: Nicholas N, Thread: "FORCE Do you get force for buildings that were already building before Tourney, Post 892993").
  • Q: Thread: NICHOLAS: Force Troop training calculation - "Nick, can you clarify how the troop training force calculation is done (when it is active)?" .
  • A: I can't give exact numbers, but I can give the rough calculations on training force works. It's:
Base value for each troop type X multiplier based on that troop's research level X Multiplier based on how many, and what level training buildings (for the training itself, factories wont give you force for Specters, etc) you have on the base X how many of them you are training.
Force is calculated at the end of the build, so if you upgrade your Barracks/Factories/Fleet Academies between starting a build and ending it, you should get a better bonus. Interestingly enough, we found when doing the calculations was that Pulse Tanks were one of the most efficient troops to train for force, due to their requiring of a core, but having a shorter build time. Mind you, that assumes you have the cores to queue up a PT build that can effectively make use of a Troop Training Accelerator.
(Source: Nicholas N, Thread:"NICHOLAS Force Troop training calculation, Post 901274" ).
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