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A farm is a base that has been purposedly made to be easily destroyed. Farms are not rare, but there are around 3-7 farms per sector. Most high level farms (Lvl. 100+) get attacked regularly. You may not get a lot of Resources from farms, but you will get a lot of Level Experience.

This page will have a list of farms, with details on the farms sector, level, total xp, and name/alliance.

Please do not add so many farms. Just add your major farms.


EDITORS: Please add all farms you know of to this list (note: these farms are mainly Xp farms so there will be no details on resources farmed). Also make sure you add a picture of the base. Edit

Total xp only includes non turret buildings, generally you will add 33% extra xp from short range turrets (unless otherwise specified).

Also boosts are not included in total xp stats. Times the total xp by 8 to get the boosting amount.

Clements Nebula



Sarella's base

Sarella[#no alliance#] (lvl 145) - Total XP: 56016 (whole base without long ranged towers)



Kurailholy's Base

Kuraiholy[#no alliance#] (lvl 120) - Total XP: 19214 ( without turrets)



Piro's Base

Piro[#no alliance#] (lvl 103) - Total XP: 17866 (with one turret) !!! NOTE: even with specters you will still receive 1 loss if you place them on the right hand side!!! [NO LONGER INACTIVE - 7/9/2012]

Cirrus Nebula

1. Tera[ydfhxfghgh] (lvl 765) - Total XP: [unknown] {No picture given}


1.Terminator1 [alliance unknown] (lvl 310) Total XP: 100,000
A farm


Gold Dragon

Gold Dragon


2. Gold Dragon [NO ALLIANCE] (lvl 309) Total XP: 112,000



3.Foresaken [Monkey Business] (lvl 260) Total XP: 49,000


Abdallah's farm


4. Abdallah [Farm Me!!!!!!] (lvl 115) Total XP: 39,000 

Small Megellanic CloudEdit

1.MonkeyBrains (Aurora-1 ) [Mayhem Militia] (lvl 1661) Total XP: Unknown {No picture given}


2. Segolia [No Alliance] (lvl 87) Total Xp: 24,275(Without Long Ranged Turrets)

Lobster NebulaEdit

1. warrior [Farm] (lvl 33) Total XP: Unknown {No picture given}

2. StinkyButt [LowbieFarm] (lvl 17) Total XP: Unknown {No picture given}

Southern crab nebulaEdit


Officer joe

officer joe (level 2180) Total Xp- unknown


Farm-Hiram Abiff

Hiram Abiff (1141)

Hiram Abiff (Level 1141)

Total XP - unknown

Crescent NebulaEdit

[No picture yet] ¥'¥'¥'¥'¥ [No Alliance] (lvl 400) Total XP: Depends on if your Specters destroy themselves by attacking the Tesla Towers.

See AlsoEdit

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