Various special combinations which can help in the evolution of the game.

Parts with EnhancementsEdit

Frozen Dual Barrels

Extreme Frozen Dual Barrels with lockdown.

Frozen Dual Barrels

Some tokens fit better on some parts than others.

Exemple: Part "Frozen Dual Barrels" can be enhanced with damage/splash/range/firerate but not many are going to add what has already as we do in other parts. Such this part has Concussion Effect and it makes enemy units to have the effect of slowing down, but if we add to it once again or more, we get the result blocking the attacked unit.

Immunity TowersEdit

"How do you feel when your level 17 decimator can not destroy level 2 tower or your bombs exploding without any effect?"

Yes, splash is a nice eficient way and damage works but what use if you can shut only once?

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