Eclipse Electron Mystery Box (Platinum 20 10)

General informationEdit

Open for a chance to win 1, 2 or 3 Eclipse Electron! Other Prizes include:

1x Renegade Crate
1x Ruby Core
General's SP 100 or 500[sic]
2.5 Hr Accelerators
Modder's Patches
Rebel's Ransacks
Millenium[sic] Mystery Modules
30% Training Accelerator
Rebellion Crates or Incineration Crates!


Eclipse Electron Mystery Box!, 2014 Jun 6 0:00 (1d10h); Jun 10Edit

Greetings Commander,

The Eclipse Electron Mystery Box has just been released into Cerulea! This is your BEST chance of winning Eclipse Electrons and unlocking the NEW Eclipse-3 Colony! Remember, the each Eclipse Electron will turn into 2 Quadforce Crates after the event ends!

Open this Box for a chance to receive 1, 2 or 3 Eclipse Electrons! Other prizes include Rebellion Crates, Incinerations Crates, Renegade Crates, General's SP, Ruby Cores, Accelerators, Patches, Troops, Rebel's Ransacks and more! Priced at only 10 Platinum, this Box won't be available for long!

Good luck!

—Edgeworld, Mail


Purchase Plat, Win Prizes!, 2014 Jun 9Edit

Greetings Commander,

For the next 24 hours, win prizes just for purchasing Platinum!

For every 25 Platinum you purchase, you'll win 1 Eclipse Electron Mystery Box! (NO LIMIT)
For every 500 Platinum you purchase, you'll win Eclipse Electron! (NO LIMIT)

Also win prizes for reaching different Platinum Tiers! (Limit 1)

Purchase 1,000 Platinum and win 2 Rebellion Crates and 5 Incineration Crates! (Limit 1)
Purchase 2,500 Platinum and win 10 X-Factor Crates! (Limit 1)
Purchase 5,000 Platinum and win 2 Big Bang Bundles! (Limit 1)

Events begins at 9:00pm PDT on June 9th and ends at 11:59pm PDT on June 10th. There is NO LIMIT to the 25 or 500 Platinum Tiers. Limit one prize per other tiers. Prizes will be paid out by 12:00pm PDT on June 11th.

—Edgeworld, Mail

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