Eclipse Three


New Outpost Eclipse-3 and Eclipse Core!, 2014 Jun 12 (Jun 16 13:00) (1d)Edit

Our Scouts have stumbled across an uninhabited Cerulean Base located on the far southern outskirts on Cerulea IV. This terrain shows signs of life with explosive residue around the landscape. Among the ancient space colony we have also discovered a new source of energy encapsulated in a new core!

What caused the explosive matter and where can we find more of this Eclipse Core?

Only one way to find out! Time to explore this strange new Outpost! Simply obtain the Eclipse-3 schematic, then you can begin construction in this new location! The Eclipse core will allow you to upgrade buildings and turrets on this new space colony.

-Good Luck Commander!

—Edgeworld, Mail, delayed

NEW: Eclipse Core, 2014 Jun 18 17:00 (1d)Edit

Greetings Commander,

Introducing the BRAND NEW, Eclipse Core!

This energy core was excavated from an ancient space colony used to upgrade buildings and turrets on the Eclipse-3 Base. We were only able to bring back a few loads of the Eclipse Core so be sure to pick them up while you can!

-The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

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