Double Trouble Mystery Box (Platinum 10 5)

General informationEdit

Open this Box for a Chance to win one of these prizes!

Double Trouble Mystery Boxes (2x or 5x)
Vermillion Armor (Level 1, or Level 10)
Vermillion Fireproof Shield (Level 1, or Level 10)
Vermillion Ammo Delivery (Level 1, or Level 10)
Vermillion Advanced Targeting (Level 1, or Level 10)
Synthetic Control Crate
Annihilator Crate
Trick or Treat Mystery Boxes (5x)
Decimators (1x or 2x)
Cerulean Core
1 Hour Accelerator
Decryption Key
Warp Boost (15 or 60 min)


Item Times Chance
1-Hour Accelerator %
Decryption Key %
15-Min Warp Boost %
60-Min Warp Boost %
Decimator %
2 Decimators %
Cerulean Core %
Synthetic Control Crate %
5 Trick or Treat!s %
2 Double Trouble Mystery Boxes %
5 Double Trouble Mystery Boxes %
Hacker's Patch 1 %
L1 Vermillion Armor %
L10 Vermillion Armor %
L1 Vermillion Fireproof Shield %
L10 Vermillion Fireproof Shield %
L1 Vermillion Ammo Delivery %
L10 Vermillion Ammo Delivery %
L1 Vermillion Advanced Targeting %
L10 Vermillion Advanced Targeting %
Total 1 100%


Zoot's Double Trouble is here!, 2013 Nov 11 9:00 (1d)Edit


Zoot is up to his old tricks again! He’s stocked this new Double Trouble Mystery Box with some of the rarest items in Cerulea! He’s also given you a chance at winning 2 or 5 additional Double Trouble Mystery Boxes inside and slashed the price to only 5 Platinum! This Box can contain Vermillion Parts, Cerulean Parts, Crates, Mystery Boxes, Troops, Cores, Accelerators, Tokens and more! Over 20 possible prizes inside View the item description for a full list of possible prizes.

Zoot is offering insane bonuses for purchasing these Boxes!

Purchase 10 Boxes and get 2 Use The Force Mystery Boxes
Purchase 40 Boxes and get the Sky Shroud Token 1.0 and the Meteoric Shield Token 1.0!
Purchase 100 Boxes and get 1 Renegade Crate!
Purchase 300 Boxes and get 1 Hacker’s Crate!

Hurry up and get in on this deal before Zoot changes his mind and pulls this Box from the Black Market! Event ends November 12, 2013 at 9:00am PST. Limit One Prize per Tier.

—Edgeworld, Mail

Double Trouble BONUSES!, 2014 Feb 26Edit

Open the Double Trouble Mystery Box for a chance to take home Smart Parts, Crates, Mystery Boxes, Troops and MORE!

Starting now until 10:00am PST on February 27th, purchasing Double Trouble Mystery Boxes will earn you additional prizes!

Purchase 50 Double Trouble Mystery Boxes and win 1 Renegade Crate!
Purchase 200 Double Trouble Mystery Boxes and win 2 Quad Force Crates + above prizes!
Purchase 500 Double Trouble Mystery Boxes and win 2 Deluxe Time Traveler's Kits + above prizes!
Purchase 1000 Double Trouble Mystery Boxes and win 1 Tri-Force Crate for your ENTIRE ALLIANCE!

Limit one Prize per Tier. Prizes will be paid out by February 29th.

--The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail


Mystery Box Mania!!!, 2013 Nov 25 10:30 (1d); 2014 Jan 13 13:30 (1d)Edit

Smart Part Sellout!, 2013 Dec 9 10:30 (1d)Edit

Need Smart Parts? Check out the Daily Update and the Featured Tab for different deals featuring the following Smart Part Mystery Boxes:

Wild Fire Mystery Box
Double Trouble Mystery Box
Vermillion Blasting Bundle - NEW!

Keep checking back, we'll have different Smart Part Mystery Boxes and Sales for you throughout the day!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

Mystery Box Meltdown, 2014 Feb 25 0:00 (1d9h)Edit

Greetings Commander,

Zoot has given us the task of emptying his Mystery Boxes so that he can create bigger and better ones!

All day long, we'll be featuring different Mystery Boxes on SALE! Check the Featured Tab for today's deals on Double Trouble Mystery Boxes, Triple Threat Mystery Boxes, Black Market Patch Mystery Boxes and the Market Crash Mystery Box!

Some of these deals may never return, so be sure to get in on the action NOW!

--The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

Platinum 4

Double Trouble Mystery Box SALE!, 2014 Oct 15 10:00 (1d)Edit

The Double Trouble Mystery Box is now available and ON SALE for just 4 Platinum!

Open the Double Trouble Mystery Box for a chance to take home Smart Parts, Crates, Mystery Boxes, Troops and MORE!

This box won't be around long, so stock up while you can!

--The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

Platinum 4

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