Decimator's [sic] have been released!, 2012 Oct 15Edit

Commander, the time has come to bring Ruin to your enemies. Rolling out of Factories across Cerulea IV is the new Decimator! This fire-breathing monstrosity is a fusion of Cerulean Artifacts and Union Technology. This troop rips through barriers, melts metal, and can reduce even the strongest base to cinders! Rip your targets to pieces, with the Decimator! Train yours today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Decimator Box - Limited Time!, 2012 Nov 5Edit

Looking for a way to acquire Decimator Cores at a discounted rate? Look no further then[sic] the new Decimator Mystery Box!

This mystery box has a high probability to pay out premium items like Decimator Cores and Racks but don't delay! The Decimator Mystery Box will only be available for a Limited Time, so make sure to check the featured tab of the store to get yours today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

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