Decimation Crate (Platinum 5999 4999 2999)

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Decimation Crate content 1

Decimation Crate

Decimation Crate content 2

Decimation Crate

Decimate the competition with this premium package.

3x Decimator Carrier
8x Incendiary Core
5x 14-day Accelerator
5x Cerulean Core
5x Vermillion Core
20x Vulcan Box
1x Elite Weapons Box

The Decimation Crate was initially released in the store for Platinum 5999, but in less than a week the price dropped to Platinum 4999.

At U$700 it is the most expensive item that can be bought in the store, the Cerulean Flammable Shield Box at Platinum 10000 not for sale.

Note that the Annihilator Crate when it was first introduced, July 2012, was similarly priced and now, Jan 2013, only costs Platinum 2999. While you might expect the price to drop as fast as Player participation does the Decimation Crate actually contains far more valuable items (worth Platinum 10500) than the (now watered down) Annihilator Crate and is both more useful and a better deal. Decimators take 6 hours each to build. Pulse Tanks only take 10 minutes. That creates a huge gap between Decimator Carriers and Pulse Carriers.

PS: If anyone knows how many are sold each month please post that here; at the price of an average computer for a Virtual Game Piece one would suspect sales will be slow and further discounts forthcoming.


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