General informationEdit

The Daily Login Bonus gives you something free each day. (You don't pick what you get). Daily Bonuses are are exclusive to Rewards first changed around every month.

Daily RewardEdit

2012 FebEdit

Daily Bonus
  • Day 1: 15-Min Accelerator
  • Day 2: k Gas
  • Day 3: Incendiary Core
  • Day 4: Combat Strategy
  • Day 5: Pulse Core

2012 MayEdit


2012 NovEdit

2014 Mar 20Edit

The Rebellion Takeover, 2014 Mar 20Edit


The Rebellion has taken control of the skies. Our stay may be short lived so we must take advantage of the time we have.

Check your Daily Update for updated Daily Login Prizes, courtesy of the Rebellion.

Stay Classy, Cerulea!

--The Rebellion

—The Rebellion, Mail

2014 Apr 15Edit

Force Challenge Prizes, 2014 Apr 15Edit

Greetings Commander,

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the Force Challenge Tiered Prize Payouts. Rest assured, all Force Challenge Prizes for this Tournament will be paid out at the conclusion of the Tournament. Unfortunately, we will be temporarily disabling Force Challenge Prizes until we can get this issue fixed. As a result, Daily Login Rewards will be increased for all players!

We apologize for any frustration this delay has caused, and thank you all for your patience while we solve this issue.

Thank you!

--The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

2014 May 3Edit

The Rebellion is BACK!, 2014 May 3Edit

Greetings Commander,

We're back.

We've sent that tentacled tyrant on a nice long vacation. It's time for the Rebellion to rule Cerulea once again!

Daily Rewards prizes have been jacked up, and we're taking back the skies for the Players.

This time, we've brought a friend along to join our fight. Be on the lookout for the most explosive troop to ever touch down in Cerulea, the Blast Droid. Be on the lookout for Blast Batteries required to power these badass Blasters.

We've also place[sic] our Rebellion Crate back on sale. Time to rise up and unite against that maniacal mischief maker and take what's ours.

Stay classy, Cerulea

--The Rebellion

—Edgeworld, Mail

2014 OctEdit

2014 Dec 9–2015 Jan 31Edit

REBEL RIOT!, 2014 Dec 8Edit


The Rebellion has overrun the Edgeworld headquarters and Rebels are now running the show!

To give our fellow liberators a chance at glory, the Rebellion has postponed the next tournament and for the next 24 hours the Rebels will be stuffing Mystery Boxes and Crates with more prizes and increased odds!

For the next week, daily login prizes have been changed, and we've forced Zoot to change his entire inventory!

The Rebellion won't be able to maintain control for long, so riot with us and stock up on rare items!

--The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

2015 Feb 1–Mar 2Edit

2015 Mar 3–Edit

Zoot's Loot and Login Prize Shakeup!, 2015 Mar 3Edit

Greetings Commander,

Zoot was feeling a little stagnant, so he's changing up the prizing in Zoot's Loot and the Daily Login Rewards!

Play Zoot's Loot to win great new items!

Good Luck!

--The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

2015 May 4?, older sector rolloutEdit

2015 May 18, older sector rolloutEdit

  • Hacker's Patch Mystery Box
  • Transforming Trainer Box
  • 8-Hour Accelerator
  • 2.5-Day Accelerator
  • Battlecruiser

2015 Jun 22Edit

  • 15-Min Accelerator
  • 2.5-Hour Accelerator
  • 8-Hour Accelerator
  • 2.5-Day Accelerator
  • Battlecruiser

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Zoot's Loot

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