Common Alloy (Platinum 25)

General informationEdit

Necessary for Common Crafting Recipes

Alloys, Hacker's Patches and More!, 2013 Jul 28 (1d12h)Edit

With the release of our latest Crafting System, players have been able to turn their unused Engineering Lab Parts into valuable items! With our latest Alloy Mystery Box, players will be able to acquire these premium Alloys to recieve even better returns! For only 10 Platinum, you will guaranteed[sic] to receive one of the following:

Cerulean Alloy - not available in the store, and used for use in crafting Smart Parts!
Platinum Alloy - 100 Platinum Value
Common Alloy - 25 Platinum Value
Hacker's Patch - 100 Platinum Value
Decimator - Over 50 Platinum Value

This box will only be available for a Limited Time, so make sure to stock up today! Check the Featured Tab of the Shop for more details.

—Edgeworld, Mail

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