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Old Chat window

Chat is a place to talk to other people in your sector.

You can find the chat at the bottom left corner. You type /a to talk to your alliance, /g group, and /w world. The chat rules are Respecting other players, no profanity, personal attacks, hate speech, spam or links allowed. The rules are frequently broken.


  • /a: Alliance chat (Light Blue) (Can only be seen by your alliance)
  • /g: Group chat (Green) (Only seen by members of your chat group)
  • /w: World chat (Orange) (Er... nothing!)
  • /me: Talk in third person (Dark Blue)
Chat Options


New Chat Systems, 2011 Sep 7Edit

It looks like there's some confusion about some of the new chat settings.

To start the explanation, you should know that Edgeworld has launched in French, Italian, German, and Spanish!

You may have seen players in your Sector chat speaking in various languages. To give you more control over your Edgeworld chat experience, we created the "Global Chat" and "My Language" chat channels.

By default, My Language is ON and Global Chat is OFF. Global Chat goes to all players in your sector who have Global Chat turned on, regardless of language.

Anyway, let's run through it!

Global Chat
Color: Orange
Access Code: /w
Function: Communicates with all players in your Sector who have Global Chat enabled, regardless of language.

My Language
Color: White
Access Code: None
Function: Communicates with all players in your Sector who share your language. Note: English is a language. Currently this feature supports French, Italian, German, and Spanish; any other languages default to English.

Alliance Chat
Color: Blue
Access Code: /a
Function: Communicates with all players in your Alliance.

Group Chat
Color: Green
Access Code: /g
Function: Communicates with all players in your chat group. Click on a name in chat to invite them to your group.

Color: Yellow
Access Code: Work for Kabam
Function: Moderator accounts have bright yellow text. If a Mod talks, you should listen!

—Barry, Kabam forum

Map coordinates in chat are now clickable. just enter the coordinates in chat following the format {XXX,YYY}.


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