Cerulean Spread Fire Smart Part

General informationEdit

This new Part gives splash radius, increased targets, and various status effects to the equipped turret.

New Cerulean Spread Fire Part!Edit

Cerulean Spread Fire is a new Smart part that has been added to your Engineering Lab Arsenal!

The Cerulean Spread Fire Smart Part is equipped with a brand new Smart AI, aimed at spreading various status effects (like Concussion and burning) to troops and Generals that are currently unaffected by these ailments. Applying this Smart part to the right turret can grant you an unprecedented amount of Crowd Control and help strengthen your defense against even the deadliest of foes!

The Spread Fire also comes with an increase to Splash Radius and Targets, further helping you spread status effects to the maximum number of units.

Simply purchase the Cerulean Spread Fire Box for a chance to take home this powerful new item. This box will only be available for a Limited Time, so make sure to act now before it's too late!

—Edgeworld, Mail, 2013 Jul 19

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