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Cerulean Construction Crate (Platinum 699 499 299 499)

General informationEdit

The CCC contains the following Building Cores:

1x Cerulean Rack
2x Vermillion Cores
1x Ruby Core

Also contains a chance to win one of the following prizes: 5x 2.5 Hour Accelerators
5x 8 Hour Accelerators
5x 15 Hour Accelerators
5x 24 Hour Accelerators
5x 2.5 Day Accelerators
5x 4 Day Accelerators
5x 7 Day Accelerators
5x 14 Day Accelerators


Item Times Chance
2.5-Hour Accelerator 1 %
8-Hour Accelerator %
15-Hour Accelerator 2 %
24-Hour Accelerator 1 %
2.5-Day Accelerator %
4-Day Accelerator %
7-Day Accelerator %
14-Day Accelerator %
Total 3 100%


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Cerulean Construction Crate/2014#Sales, Cerulean Construction Crate/2015#Sales, Cerulean Construction Crate/2016#Sales

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