Cerulean Armor

General informationEdit

This new Smart Part gives health to the equipped turret. The health boost given by this part is much larger than the basic health boost of other parts. Its other ability allows it to target the most powerful attacking troop in range. If the attacker sends a Decimator surrounded by Shrikes, the gun will only target the Decimator until it is destroyed. This is because the Decimator boasts more damage than a Shrike. If this Part is equipped to a far-range turret, it can kill Devastators quickly so that tanks don't get a chance to distract them. This part can be obtained from boxes of previous specials, a prize in some force tournaments, and from Cerulean Armor Boxes obtained from Encrypted Lab Boxes.

Cerulean Armor

Cerulean Armor

New Engineering Lab Smart Part!, 2013 Jan 29Edit

A new and powerful addition has come to the Engineering Lab, Cerulean Armor! This new part will provide your turrets a health boost but that's not all! This part will also update your turret's IFF systems to automatically target higher priority units who have the highest attack damage!

The only way to get this item is through the new Cerulean Mystery Crate[sic]! This crate will not only will give you a chance to take home this new premium part, but can also net you other great items like General SP Racks and Hacker's Patches! Visit the featured tab of the store to get yours today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

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