Cerulean Ammo Delivery Smart Part

General informationEdit

This new Part gives health and damage to the equipped turret. The health boost given by this part is much larger than the basic health boost of other parts.

New Cerulean Ammo Delivery Part!Edit

The Cerulean Ammo Delivery is a brand new smart AI Lab Part that will cause your turrets to always target the Unit or General that they will deal the maximum damage to, greatly increasing your maximum efficiency! In addition to this smart AI, equipping this part will also significantly increase the turret's health as well as its overall damage!

Purchase an Ammo Delivery Box today for a chance to win one of these rare parts and vanquish your enemies! Unlike other Mystery Boxes in the past, this one boasts much higher odds to win and much better consolation prizes like Cerulean Cores, Spp5000 and much more at a discounted rate!

Check the featured tab of the shop for more info, and stock up while supplies last!

—Edgeworld, Mail, 2013 Jun 24 23?:00

Part StatEdit

Level / Stat Bonus HP Damage
1 600 10
2 1050 20
3 1200 35
4 1500 65
5 7500 165
6 12000 265
7 16500 365
8 21000 465
9 25500 565
10 34500 700
11 42000 835
12 49500 970
13 57000 1105
14 67500 1240
15 78000 1400


93000 1750
17 108000 2250


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