The Map is a 400x200 grid of player and NPC bases utilized for PVP and Alliance war purposes in Edgeworld.

By controlling bases on the Map, Alliances may earn rewards every 20 hours based on the sum of all their owned' bases power levels. An Alliance may place its first base anywhere on the Map, but all subsequent bases can only be obtained by capturing bases adjacent to a base already owned -- in this way, an Alliance's string of bases is a contiguous net unless broken into segments by an enemy Alliance.

Each base has a level indicating its general power. For player-owned bases, this will be at least equivalent to the player's level plus a bonus given by the Alliance Shield Generators of every player in the Alliance.

Base coloration Edit

Bases will show bright colorations over their tiles when captured by an Alliance.

  • Bases with no bright coloration on them are unowned -- they belong to no Faction and are themed on the Maar Confederacy. They will generally be level 20 and easily captured by any developed player.
  • Bases of a bright green coloration are owned by your Alliance, and you cannot attack them for this reason.
  • Bright blue bases belong to friendly Alliances, designated as such by your Alliance Leader. It is inadvisable to attack such bases as this will cause political tension and Internet drama.
  • Red bases belong to enemy Alliances, designated as such by your Alliance Leader, and should be exterminated with extreme prejudice as they will likely do the same to your own Alliance.
  • All other owned bases are colored variants of orange, brown, or yellow, and belong to Alliances your Leader has not set as a friend or an enemy. Discuss with your Leader before attacking.

In addition, the base with a silver circle around it is your own Base, if you have claimed one (see below), while bases with golden arrows pointing downwards belong to other individual players.

Claiming a base Edit

When in an Alliance, a member may claim a base by clicking any friendly (green), unclaimed Base and selecting "Claim". If the base's level is considerably lower than the player's, they will need to pay high costs of Crystal and Energy to upgrade the base, or will need to send units to it by clicking and selecting "Upgrade".

Players cannot claim bases that are a higher level than they are, but they can be captured for the Alliance if they are adjacent to an owned base.

Capturing a base Edit

If a player's Alliance has no bases on the map yet, then they may scout and attack any tile on the map to capture their first base.

After this point, all bases captured must be adjacent to an existing Alliance base, requiring the Alliance's territory to gradually expand outward.

After defeating a map base, it becomes controlled by your Alliance, but its level is reduced by one tier (not one level, a tier has the same stepping as PvE bases .[What does this mean?]

Players cannot attack bases too far above their own level.

Capturing a player's base will remove them from the map, requiring them to claim another existing base or capture another one.

There is a limit to the number of bases an Alliance can own, at 10,000 bases.

Repair Edit

If a map base is attacked repeatedly, the game will keep track of which buildings were destroyed at what times. After 2 subsequent invasions, any buildings that had been damaged 2 invasions or more ago are repaired instantly.

Rewards Edit

Every 20 hours, each member of the alliance may claim a daily reward based on the map score of the alliance.

Strategy Edit

  • Cooperation with friendly alliances is essential.
  • Team attacks and defense can help you expand your map territory.
  • Many alliances only upgrade their borders and neglect their interiors, but remember that alliances that are not on the map yet can attack anywhere. You need to upgrade all your map bases to defend your territory.
  • Continually retaking the same few bases back and forth can be an effective strategy in a border skirmish, only if your alliance has more players online than your opponents. Because you have more warps available than they do, you will make them waste their warps, and then you can regain lost bases, or make further inroads.

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