Harness the Terraknor: Check in with Kira once a day. Reward:
Every day KIRA sends out drones to search for Terraknor Boxes left behind by the Ceruleans. When she finds them she will hand them over to you. Terraknor Box x1
Check in with Kira once a day.

Material Support: Accept Tenmu's Supplies. Reward:
* Exclusive Mission*

Admiral Tenmu is in constant need of resources collected on Cerulea IV, but he knows that battles are raging on the surface just as they are in space. The Admiral tries to send useful supplies down to the surface whenever he can.
8-Hour Shield x1
Accept Tenmu's Supplies.

Know Your Enemy: Defeat any player's base of level ? or higher. Reward:
Keep your friends close and keep your enemies from getting stronger. Experience ?
Defeat any player's base of level #AMOUNT# or higher.

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